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Cheap places to retire – Costa Rica: The Pride Of the Caribbean

A lot of Americans dream of the Caribbean for it largely contrasts the highly modern ways of living in the United States. Skyscrapers, busy streets and colossal structures are common sight and surely for someone who has long worked and lived in a place like this would want to have a break and have a taste of the simple and relaxing life a tropical country can give.

Caribbean countries are no doubt among the most sought-after tourist destinations. They have pleasant moderate climate, the best beaches and the loveliest scenery. Likewise, for these reasons, they have been considered for many years now as top retirement havens as well.

Not all Caribbean nations, however, are cheap places to retire for many have undergone massive development and modernization. As more and more people come to visit these countries, they became more and more commercialized, over-developed and even over-priced.

Costa Rica is an exemption. It is still one of the most attractive place for tourists and retirees alike, and fortunately, one of the cheap places to retire. The low cost of living and very affordable commodities here are among the primary reasons why it’s one of the cheap places to retire.

Situated at the Central American isthmus bordering the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica is very accessible for tourists and retirees from all over the world. Thus, aside from being one of the cheap places to retire, foreigners go here because it’s very convenient and so easy to reach to this place.

In few hours away United States, you now experience a new world—a place like heaven. It’s a perfect place where you can live a laid-back and stress-free life. With the dazzling blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, the bright blue sky, the swaying palm trees, different kinds of birds flying, rainforests, volcanoes, and rugged mountains on the background, this country is truly an enchanting place for your retirement.

Costa Rica offers opportunities for diverse recreational activities from whitewater rafting to hiking, diving, fishing, jungle river cruising, canopy tours, kayaking, snorkeling, and a lot more. Its variety of aquatic ecosystems, allows you to enjoy visiting the place, and of course living here for good.

Large number of foreigners comes to Costa Rica since it has the most extensive system national parks in Central America or among the Caribbean. Likewise, its great biological diversity gives it lasting beauty despite rapid development in neighboring Caribbean countries.

The Government of Costa Rica greatly promotes it as one of the best and the cheap places to retire and encourages tourists to invest and live here in order to further diversify its economy. Aside from its cheap commodities (government sustains extensive systems of education and even health services) that make it one of the most ideal and the cheap places to retire, Costa Rica is loved by expatriates for its hospitable people, low crime rates, breathtaking scenery.

Transportation is also very ideal in Costa Rica. The Pan-American Highway, which runs through Costa Rica from Nicaragua to Panama, makes transfer of goods and commodities easy and fast. Several cruise ships also regularly dock at Costa Rican ports.

But even before Costa Rica came to be widely recognized as one of the best and cheap places to retire, it has already been a haven for thousands of refugees coming from other Central American nations way back in 1986. During this time, the Nicaraguan civil war broke out and about 250,000 exiles came to Costa Rica and made it their new home.

Whether you are looking for perfect yet cheap places to retire or looking for a perfect place where you can rejuvenate yourself, Costa Rica offers the best for you. The Costa Rican Colones per US Dollar exchange rate is very high—343.08 (January 2002), 328.87 (2001), 308.19 (2000), 285.68 (1999), 257.23 (1998), 232.60 (1997). You can maximize your dollar earnings here in Costa Rica. Although largely agricultural, Costa Rica has a booming technology sector and standard of living is high. But prices of basic commodities are relatively low.

If you are planning to spend your retirement years in a peaceful, relaxing and fascinating place and at the same time looking for cheap places to retire, Costa Rica is the country you are looking for. There are many sites in the Internet that offer guides on how to get there, browse through them and get as many information as you can before you go to this country.

Cheap places to retire

Cheap Places To Retire: Unsung Precious Havens For Retirement

Everyone wants to live a comfortable, worry-free and relaxing life in a place where beauty doesn’t seem to fade. The opportunity is always there; it’s possible. However, before we can reach that point, we have to work hard. It is the hard work itself that make us long for our retirement and thus make it something special and of great value. While many people think of it as purely coming to an old age, many others are anticipating for it and in fact, are planning and saving for it.

More and more Americans and even from other countries are delighted by the idea of living abroad for their retirement. Wonderful places here on Earth are innumerable of course, because every place has that special “something” to offer. But not all provide the best and the cheapest at the same time. Countries such as Cuba, Hungary, Nicaragua, Malaysia, Nova Scotia, Panama, and Costa Rica has the best to offer yet they are considered as cheap places to retire.

What makes these countries cheap places to retire? The primary reasons are the low cost of living and the very affordable basic commodities, means of transportation, lots and housing, and hotel accommodation. Of course, though you may be looking for the cheap places to retire, factors such as the climate, safety or security of the place, accessibility, stable economy, natural resources, scenic places, good number of places of interest, and hospitality of the people count a lot.

Panama appears to be the most ideal among the cheap places to retire. This country offers the most benefits for tourists and retirees settling in the country permanently. It has passed a law, called Law No. 8, which gives incentives such as 20-year exemptions from import duties, fees for construction materials and equipment, and income, real estate, and other taxes. Discounts are given in hotels, recreation centers and other tourist destinations within the country. Also, Panama uses US dollar as a currency, although it is named Balboa. Risks in currency exchange rate are prevented.

Like Panama, other countries in the Caribbean belong to the list of the most beautiful retirement destinations and cheap places to retire. These are Cuba, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. All these places welcome visitors and retirees alike with their wonderful sceneries, world-class white beaches, lush forests and widely diverse ecosystem. You can enjoy here deep-see fishing, scuba diving, farming, kayaking, snorkeling, hiking and a lot more.

Nicaragua is among the most exciting to explore, aside from being one of the cheap places to retire. You can climb volcanoes like Mt. Concepción and Mt. Maderas or visit Volcano Mombacho Natural Reserve. There are also a lot of unexplored terrains, breathtaking and inspiring rainforests and other exotic places perfect for adventure. Being underdeveloped, these newly discovered destinations are still so affordable.

Another Caribbean country, Costa Rica offers fascinating sceneries. With the dazzling blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, the swaying palm trees, different kinds of birds flying, volcanoes, lush forests, and rugged mountains on the background, this country is truly an enchanting haven for your retirement. Moreover, Costa Rica is loved by expatriates for its hospitable people, low crime rates, and very affordable commodities.

In Asia, one particular tropical country attracts most number of tourists and retirees, Malaysia. Apart from its famous modern cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia have the best yet cheap places for retirement. Like the islands in the Caribbean, Malaysia also offers the best sceneries and the most exciting places for adventure.

At the heart of east central Europe, Hungary welcomes visitors and expatriates with its excellent music and arts, rich culture, diverse cuisine, finest wine regions and fascinating natural attractions. Prices here are surprisingly low in spite of its rich European neighbors. People here love pleasurable way of life, so you’d surely love this place.

On the northern part, another haven for retirees awaits you, Nova Scotia, Canada. Nova Scotia, which literally means “New Scotland,” has frequently been included in the list of best retirement destinations because of its natural beauty. But more than that, this second smallest and one of the wealthiest Atlantic provinces of Canada is one of the cheap places to retire. It is said that the per capita income in Nova Scotia is just over $30,000 and you can save the 40% of that without depriving yourself of a comfortable life. Despite advancements, this place remains to be naturally captivating.