Cheap places to retire – Hungary: one of the best places to retire in Eastern Europe

Many people nearing the stage of retirement are thinking of the best and cheap places to retire by now; maybe you are one of them. You should congratulate yourself since you are one of those who think of their retirement—their future—in a positive way. A lot of people are afraid of reaching that stage primarily because they do not have any plans about it or have not saved enough money, which they can use to enjoy what could have been the “best days of their lives.”

If you are looking for the most favorable yet cheap places to retire, consider Hungary. This small country at the heart of east central Europe welcomes visitors and expatriates with its excellent music and arts, rich culture, diverse cuisine, finest wine regions and marvelous natural attractions.

As a European country, cost of living in Hungary is surprisingly low and this is one of the primary reasons why Hungary is being considered by expatriates as one of the most ideal retreat destinations and one of the cheap places to retire. The Government, which used to be a Communist, provides many services for free, if not, at very low costs. Some apartments are even subsidized by the Government of Hungary.

Hungarians or Magyars have deep love for pleasant things from food, forms of entertainment and recreation and this is reflected in several theaters, hotels, restaurants, and cafés around the city. It’s common to see people sitting in cafés, drinking wine or dining with friends and listening to Gypsy fiddlers.

Food abounds in Hungary and you would find here the most delicious pastries, the finest Tokay wine and apricot brandy. Hungary is also famous for salami, goose liver and spices known as paprika (mixture of red peppers, meat, fish and dairy products.

People here love pleasurable way of life, but on the contrary almost everything is very affordable. By Western standards, an average person living here earns relatively low income annually, but with his earnings, he could already enjoy pleasurable Hungarian life. Imagine, it’s possible to live a majestic life here for just about $1,000 per month whereas if you are in other places that still claim as cheap places to retire, that amount is not even enough for you to lavishly enjoy a three-day trip.

Hungary is endowed scenic spots that are truly inspiring. What a great way it is indeed to spend the rest of your life in place of such beauty? Aside from being one of the cheap places to retire, Hungary can also be considered as one of the most enchanting countries perfect for retirement. Its rich flora and fauna are its real treasures whose beauty cannot be matched by towering and colossal masterpieces in a highly urbanized world. If breathing in fresh air, seeing mountains, hills, valleys, lush forests and lakes bring joy to you, you’d love to make Hungary your home.

Although landlocked, Hungary has many rivers, springs and lakes; one of them is the famous Danube River, which flows across the Little Plain and down to the Great Plain. These two plains are Hungary’s two lowland regions. Along the Danube River are medieval castles and fortresses that are popular tourist attractions.

During summer time, Lake Balaton, Central Europe’s largest lake, welcomes large number of frequent visitors as well as new timers who are probably thinking now to live here for good not only because Hungary is one of the cheap places to retire but because it offers both the convenience of a modern country and the delightful treasures of an unspoiled developing nation.

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and the largest both in Hungary and Eastern Europe. It was once one of the most glittering capital city in Europe but its luxurious and cheerful atmosphere gradually faded in recent years, however it is still among the most attractive cities in the Eastern side of Europe and the city with the most number of first-class hotels as well. It is dramatically situated on both sides of the Danube River, just where the water flows south to cut through Hungary.

Amidst highly urban European countries, Hungary remains to be exotic nation that harmoniously balances past and present. Despite increasing industrialization and modernization, Gothic and Renaissance structures are still well preserved, not to mention the rich foliage everywhere. If you are looking for cheap places to retire, why not consider Hungary. It offers more than the low cost of living you want.

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