Cheap Countries To Retire Around The World – Nepal

Those who want to find a cheap country to retire to have a wide variety of options. Many countries are less expensive than the US to live in, so you just have to choose which one suits you best. There are pros and cons to all of the different countries you could choose. One option worth considering for those who don’t need to have a lavish lifestyle is Nepal.

In Nepal, you can live in the capital, Kathmandu, for about $200 per person per month if you want to budget your money, or be very comfortable on about $500 per month. This is very inexpensive. People tend to eat rice, lentils, beans, and fruits and vegetables a lot. This is a poor country, so you won’t find all of the amenities you might be used to. There is no sewage treatment available, and water is usually pumped from large collection wells.

You will probably want to buy some type of imported heater to keep your home warm during the colder months. If you want more than one phone line you will have to be on a many years long waiting list or pay a large bribe to get to the head of the list. There aren’t a huge number of expats, many of those who are there work on the foreign aid projects that are being constructed.

As for the weather, Kathmandu is at a relatively high elevation. This means it isn’t one of the places where it is always warm. It doesn’t usually reach freezing often, however, and you also will be kept plenty cool by a fan for the most part during the summer. The weather is a bit more temperate. However, there is a monsoon season of about a month, and winter does get a bit cold.

There are a number of restaurants and other businesses in Kathmandu that now cater to Westerners, and you will want to use these for the most part since they have similar ideas about cleanliness and food, for example.

Although there is some civil strife in Nepal, and the government is continually changing, this doesn’t really affect the daily life in this country much, especially for tourists and expats. The main problems that occur are the transportation strikes that are common.

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