Cheap places to retire – Malaysia: Cheapest Tropical Country For Retirement

One of the most promising and cheapest places to retire not just in Southeast Asia but in the whole world is the tropical paradise of the land of Malays, Malaysia. Apart from Thailand, Japan, China and South Korea, Malaysia is a favorite tourist destination in Asia and now it is regarded as an excellent place for retirement because of its low cost of living.

Nowadays, the country is being considered as an alternative retirement haven, rivaling other best and cheap places to retire like Canada, France, England, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, India, and Taiwan.

Many might think of a metropolis full of light and skyscrapers when talking about Malaysia, especially its capital Kuala Lumpur, but this country offers a simple life and a relaxing experience for retirees who want to enjoy their life away from the urban world. Malaysia is a very conducive tropical country for expatriates who love warm, sunny and rainy seasons as well.

This cradle of Malay race offers not just the typical grandeur and extravagance of what its cities and those highly recommended localities evidently show, but natural wonders and the very warm atmosphere. Malaysians are very hospitable and friendly, too, that is why a lot of British, American, Australians, Canadians and even other Asians prefer to live here.

Based from the accounts of numerous tourists, frequent visitors and immigrants, this booming country in the southeast portion of the biggest continent in the world has the best beaches and breathtaking coastal islands. This is typical of Asia you might say as Malaysia’s own tourism catchphrase “Malaysia, Truly Asia.” But compared to other tropical countries in Asia, Malaysia is downright less expensive; thus, it is adjudged as one of the cheap places to retire.

Unlike the luxurious and very expensive cost of living in London, Tokyo, Singapore, Paris, New York, Illinois, as well as those in Northern Ireland, Sydney (as part of their tourism package), Malaysia has remain frugal and in many ways economical in its tourism and other economic endeavors.

Just try to weigh and consider the given actual cost of 2-bedroom rental apartments begins at around $225 per month and 3-bedroom houses start at $35,000. While compared to the known mega cities and metropolis, the prices and expenses range from $500 even up to $750 per month or could even higher depending on the seasons and other possible demands or occasions in the place.

But of course, comparable housing in expatriate communities or the luxurious homes that date from British colonial period are priced higher. However, again, compared to those in Singapore, London, and the romantic Paris, it is not just considerably cheaper but surprisingly, cheaper. Malaysia offers more than a treat for birthdays, holidays, honeymoons, and of course for a different kind of retirement. If you are looking for cheap places to retire, inexpensive getaway destinations and superb adventure, Malaysia is waiting for you.

Malaysia, as the cheapest tropical country to spend one’s retirement, has a very peculiar yet very inviting tropical climate that blends well with its “cheap” package for tourism. Not only that, Malaysia takes pride of rich culture and arts than explicitly show its wide diversity of its people. Malaysia is a melting pot of foreign and indigenous people, so anyone can easily find affinity with Malaysians. Aside from being one of the cheap places to retire, this could influence other retirees to settle here for good.

Just like Italy, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Brazil, California, Cuba, and even Venezuela and Mexico—but comparatively on the same level as neighboring countries like Philippines and Thailand—Malaysia has lot of those highly in-demand fine and long stretches of white beaches, best diving sites, and splendid coconut trees that stand like sentinels guarding the tropic paradise.

What’s more interesting is, Malaysians speak English as this is taught early in school and is required among students, although the official language of this country is Malay. Furthermore, transportation in Malaysia is never a problem. You can find here good highways, several international airports, excellent railroads and road systems.

Other attractions of Malaysia that make it one of the top tourist destinations, choicest and cheap places to retire are its rivers, forests, elephants, and numerous kinds of butterflies and birds. Nature lovers would surely find a home in this wonderful land of Malays, not just momentarily but forever.

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