Morocco – A Cheap Place To Retire To

Some people consider Morocco to be a good cheap country to retire to. Many people speak French and/or English, and there are a lot of tourists so you can get many of the things you are used to as a Westerner. The weather can be quite nice, and varies throughout the country so you can choose an area with weather that suits you, whether it is more in the mountains so that you have a real winter, or further south where the weather stays warmer.

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One thing to consider if you decide to use Morocco as your cheap place to retire to is medical care. Many of the small towns and rural area do not have much in the way of health care, so you should stick close to the major cities. Living in the cities themselves you will have to deal with more crowding and pollution, as well as more tourists, so you have to balance that against the nearness of a good hospital in case something should go wrong. You also want to make sure to have good health insurance.

Because of the fact that Morocco is so close to Europe it is very accessible. For this reason you will meet many people from all over Europe if you decide to live there. This also means that many Western goods are very easy to acquire and readily available, especially in the cities.

The cost of living is low in Morocco as well. Since you can easily live on about $300 per month, it is definitely a cheap country to retire to. You can find unfurnished apartments for only about $40 per month. Food and clothing are also very inexpensive. This means that your retirement dollars can really be stretched. Keep in mind that if you live in a very rural area you won’t have as much to do. You don’t want to be stuck with just the TV to keep you occupied. This isn’t as much of a problem if you like hiking and don’t need all sorts of stores and scheduled activities.

There are also lots of wonderful scenic and historic places that you can visit. You won’t need to just stay in the town where you are living all the time. If you should want a break from Morocco it is simple and inexpensive to travel to many companies of Europe for a short visit.

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