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Cheap places to retire – Panama: Cheapest Place to Retire In Central America

For many years now, Panama has been consistently included in the list of best places for retirement. There is no question about this since it is strategically located in Central America bordering both the beautiful Caribbean Sea and the breathtaking Pacific Ocean. Panama boasts of having the finest beaches and many other scenic places that attract not only tourists but retirees as well. But now Panama is being promoted not only as one of the finest retirement havens but one of the cheap places to retire.

Because of Panama’s geography, its economy mostly relies on tourism and commerce. Tourism, especially, plays a big role in keeping this country afloat despite political turmoils. As a way of further improving its tourism industry, Panama offers very affordable vacation packages and now, retirement deals for those who want to live here for good, especially the middle class who want the cheap places to retire, more than anything else.

The most affordable beachfront lots are in Panama-and this is no ordinary beachfront. These are what you see on most travel magazines-or even better. If you love the warm tropical climate and want to see powdery-white beaches stretching along dazzling blue waters of the Caribbean or Pacific, mystical coves, bright-colored fishing boats and flowers, a lot of greeneries, several species of birds and many other exciting sights, come to Panama. Aside from being one of the cheap places to retire, it has the loveliest sights you have always longed to behold.

One world-class city in Panama is Boho-chic Casco Viejo, considered as the oldest European settlement in the Pacific Coast. Here the local government strongly promotes the place as one of the cheap places to retire and world-class tourist destination by giving tax exceptions and other deals to visitors, investors and immigrants who want to settle here permanently. Houses and buildings are offered in very low prices to encourage foreigners help the local government preserve or renovate old and historic places.

However as one of the most sophisticated cities of Panama, you can find here a very finely equipped two-bedroom condo unit with an inspiring view of the city skyline at about $141,000. This already cheap compared to other top tourist destinations in major U.S. Cities as well as in Europe, though.

If you want a less chic and urbanized way of life, you can go away from the city and find very cheap lots that sell for only about $20,000. Bocas del Toro has these very affordable lots, making it one of the cheap places to retire. This place is not yet fully developed, that is why almost everything here is offered at very low cost; however, this doesn’t mean that it’s not worth seeing. Wherever you go in Panama, you are assured to find pleasure in seeing most picturesque places on Earth.

Also a lot of pensioners and retirees consider Panama as one of the cheap places to retire because the government offers a lot of discounts on basic commodities from food, to transportation and medication. Even movies, theaters, concerts and sporting events have discounts. Form Monday through Thursday, for example, tourists can enjoy 50 % discounts in some hotels and from Friday through Sunday, you can enjoy 30% discount. If you happen to be hospitalized, don’t worry, because Panama offers 15% discounts for tourists. Loan homes are also provided, making Panama indeed one of the cheap places to retire in the world.

Panama passed Law No. 8 of June 14, 1994-the most modern and comprehensive law for the promotion of tourism investment in Latin America and the Caribbean. Law 8 offers incentives such as 20-year exemptions from import duties, fees for construction materials and equipment, and income, real estate, and other taxes. This certainly attracts thousands of tourists and retirees who are looking not only for beautiful places to visit but most especially, for cheap places to retire.

Furthermore, what makes Panama one of the cheap places to retire is it uses U.S dollar as its legal tender. Panama has been using this as their currency since 1904; however, they call it Balboa for nationalistic reasons. Because of this, currency exchange risks is prevented. Also, this makes Panama’s economy one of the healthiest in Latin America.

But even if you are not looking for cheap places to retire, Panama has a lot to offer-things that even surpass your standards of a top tourist destination and excellent retirement destination. The tropical weather is perfect, economy is very progressive and stable, banking laws are very favorable, and geography is diverse. Whether you are looking for the cheap places to retire or the best place for retirement, Panama confidently passes world-class standards and of course, your own.

Cheap places to retire – Nova Scotia, Canada: A Heaven On Earth

Here’s a hint: imagine yourself somewhere in the American East Coast one hundred years ago, that’s how it feels to be in this special province of Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia, which literally means “New Scotland,” has frequently emerged in the list of best places for retirement because of its natural wonders. But more than that, this second smallest and one of the wealthiest Atlantic provinces of Canada is one of the cheap places to retire.

The province is on east of Maine and is only about two hours from New York or Boston. It’s very accessible that’s why most Americans and other tourists opt to go to this beautiful peninsula. Its mainland is connected to North America by the Isthmus of Chignecto and is surrounded by several bays and rivers. On the eastern and southern part of Nova Scotia is the Atlantic Ocean.

It is said that no part in Nova Scotia is farther than 56 km from the sea, so for those who love fresh and cool Atlantic air and the sight of the ocean, Nova Scotia is truly a wondrous place where you can spend your retirement. What’s greater is that cost of living in Nova Scotia remained low in spite its being a wealthy province.

The per capita income in Nova Scotia is just over $30,000 and you can save the 40% of that without being too thrifty. Going here means a lot of savings but definitely, a lot of fun too. It’s an affordable getaway for thousands of tourists from across the globe—why not a perfect haven for expatriates? Apart from being one of the cheap places to retire, it’s one of the most alluring places where you can fully enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Also, one of the reasons why it is considered as one of the cheap places to retire, is its cheap real estate. Oceanfront lots are priced about $10,000 while three-bedroom homes on acreage are sold at about $50,000. Food is also very cheap; you can have a fine dinner with lobster and tasteful local wine for less than $20.

Long before Nova Scotia has been widely known as one of the cheap places to retire, it has already been a favorite retreat destination of English, Scots and Irish. Most of the inhabitants here are of British origin. They were either descendants of the immigrants from the American colonies or travelers who directly came from Britain early in the 19th century.

The great cultural variety in Nova Scotia shows the variety of people living in this province. There are even Germans, Acadian French, blacks, American Indians and perhaps even Asians scattered along the ocean coasts.

Families of those immigrants who still live in their home countries are probably thinking of living here for good too. Now as it is being promoted as one of the cheap places to retire, no wonder many people from other countries and other provinces in Canada as well would be heading to Nova Scotia to settle there for good.

Despite modernity, Nova Scotia has well preserved its pristine beauty. Picturesque sceneries and historical sites abound in Canada, specifically Nova Scotia so over a million of tourists visit the place, especially during summer when climate is pleasantly warm. Being one of the most affordable tourist destinations and now, one of the cheap places to retire, foreigners are encouraged to go to here.

Splendid scenery of the ocean and forests made up of evergreen coniferous trees—fir, spruce, hemlock, and pine—attract the most number of tourists and retirees alike to come to Canada’s perfect retirement haven.

Nova Scotia may be the most populous of all the Canadian provinces, but it’s not as crowded as most U.S. cities are. A lot of Americans visit here and eventually decide to live here permanently not only because its one of cheap places to retire, but it’s so near United States; thus, it is easier to visit relatives back home. In just a couple of hours, you’d be in a totally different world—a heaven-like world—or back to your homeland.

Among the best places to visit in Nova Scotia are: Alexander Graham Bell Museum National Historic Park, Fort Anne National Historic Park, Fortress of Louisbourg National Historical Park, and Halifax Citadel National Historic Park. All these offer breathtaking sceneries and have great historical relevance, not only to the people of Canada but all over the world. The Graham Bell Museum for one features the inventions of Graham Bell, including the telephone.

Now here’s a trivia: Demi Moore, Jack Nicholson and Billy Joel own summer houses here. Yes, these celebrities are all enticed by Nova Scotia’s beauty. Aside from being one of the cheap places to retire, Nova Scotia is truly gifted with heavenly sceneries that afford you a home away from home and a heaven on earth.

Cheap places to retire – Nicaragua: A haven for Travelers and Expatriates

Being in between two great bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Nicaragua is no doubt a magnificent tourist attraction. It is rich with rugged mountains, lush forests, fascinating lakes and large rivers, pristine powdery white coastal beaches, tiny tropical islands, and majestic extinct and active volcanoes that will leave you breathless and make you long to come back—and yes—live here for good.

In recent years, Nicaragua constantly appears in the list of top tourist destinations in the world primarily because of its fantastic natural sceneries and wide range of places of interest. And now, Nicaragua opens its doors to foreigners who are seeking for permanent residence for their retirement. In few more years, Nicaragua would surely be topping the list of best places for adventure and retirement. It may not be the best of the best just yet; but rest assured, Nicaragua’s one of the cheap places to retire.

Nicaragua’s name comes from the Nicarao, the tribe that inhabited the place before the Spaniards came to colonize it; and the Spanish word “agua,” which refer to the two major lakes in the country, the Lago Managua and the Lago Nicaragua. Several lakes and volcanoes can be found in Nicaragua; thus, it is also called as the “land of lakes and volcanoes.” Many come to Nicaragua because of these, but since Nicaragua is the largest country in the Central America and has relatively small population, a lot of travelers decide to settle here.

The government of Nicaragua highly encourages foreigners to spend their retirement years in the country. As part of their efforts in promoting it as one of the cheap places to retire, expatriates and foreign retirees are not required to pay taxes for out-of-country income, import household goods and vehicles. Consumer goods and basic commodities offered in several stores and shopping centers in the country are priced just right, so it’s practical to live here.

Still a big portion of Nicaragua is still highly forested and there are still many unexplored terrains, rainforests and many other exotic places perfect for adventure. More than just being one of the cheap places to retire, Nicaragua is one of the most exciting places to explore. If you love outdoors, this country can certainly make the rest of your life the most unforgettable. You can enjoy a full body workout by climbing up volcanoes like the famous Mt. Concepción and Mt. Maderas or visit Volcano Mombacho Natural Reserve and be fascinated by the mystic beauty of trees suspended above the ground resembling a canopy. You don’t have to spend much for such natural treasures. Only cheap places to retire like Nicaragua can offer them nearly for free.

In the island of Ometepe, you can take delight in numerous beaches that are still untouched by development but their beauty beckons and you cannot just resist. Being undeveloped, these spectacular beaches are far below the price of comparable first-class tropical beach resorts. Lots near the beaches are sold as low as $22,000—this is a very generous deal for someone like you who’d go for cheap places to retire.

For ages, Nicaragua suffered a lot from civil wars, foreign invasions, dictatorships and in 1972, from a damaging earthquake but Nicaragua has gradually stood up from where it had fallen and now it’s resolute in heading towards a fully developed nation. While it is still in its initial stages, cost of living here is still very affordable, which is very favorable for those looking for cheap places to retire.

As one of the cheap places to retire, Nicaragua appeals mostly to middle class and simply for those who just want a change of atmosphere and lifestyle—something relaxed and worry-free. Top tourist destinations in Europe might be very tempting and inviting but they are very expensive. For sure you don’t want to live the rest of your life spending extravagantly when you can enjoy it countries like Nicaragua without ruining your financial plan.

Now Nicaragua is well-prepared to accept full-time retirees from all over the word. The government is working hard to erase misconceptions that it is a dangerous place as a result of different revolutions that took place in this beautiful country. Politics is now stable and there’s an increasing growth of shopping centers, hotels and restaurants since the late 90s. Their efforts to draw more tourists and foreign retirees seem to be fruitful as Nicaragua is now being regarded as one of the best yet cheap places to retire.