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Cheap Places to Visit for Vacation

There are a lot of good cheap places to visit during your vacation as a possible future retirement destination. Whether you want to stay within the country or go abroad, you can always take some days off work and relax. But with the state of the economy today, it is always good to choose places where travelling will be cheap and inexpensive.

There are cheap places to visit specially outside the country. Why go international? Well, even though the US dollar is struggling to get back up, other countries still have lower costs of living compared to the US. Places where the cost of living is low are great since tourists will be able to enjoy accommodations, rentals, food and transportation at a cheaper rate. If you just take a little time to do some research and calculate your budget, you will definitely be able to see the perfect cheap place for you and your family to visit for a vacation.

A nice cheap place to visit is Honduras. Even if you plan to stay for a couple of weeks, you will not have to spend as much. Tegucigalpa is the capital of Honduras and is a great place to stay. There are a lot of decent and wonderful hotels in the area where you can pay less than 20 dollars for a room. The nice thing about Honduras is the tourist spots. There is a place in Honduras called Parque de la Concordia where you will be able to see replicas of Mayan temples but are much smaller in size. There are also other great parks in the area where you can walk around, unwind and be lazy for the afternoon. There are a lot of taxis in the area that are affordable so you won’t have a problem going around.

A good traveler’s tip is to negotiate with the driver on the rate before going on the trip. You can also visit Boulevard Morazan where all the high end brands and shops are located. You can always opt not to buy from these shops since they are quite expensive but the area is definitely worth visiting due to its architecture, old buildings and churches. There are also a lot of varieties in food in Honduras and they come in very reasonable prices.

If you wish to stay closer to the US, you can go visit British Columbia in Canada. Vancouver is one of the cheap places to visit for vacations.  The cost of life in Vancouver is generally cheaper than that of other cities in the US and accommodations in the area can go as low as $43 dollars a night. Vancouver has been ranked high in the recent list of world’s leading cities so if you opt to go for a more urban experience, then Vancouver is the place for you.

Compared to other places where you would have to pay a lot to enjoy activities during the day, Vancouver can offer places to visit for free. You can walk along the Seawall Promenade which gives the tourist a wonderful and breath taking view of the mountains, the ocean, and the city at the same time. You can go visit small villages and towns in the outskirts and check out lakes and valleys. You can also go skiing at Whistler Mountain if that interests you. The downtown area of the city is where you get to experience the amazing entertainment that the city has to offer. Comedy shows, jazz shows, dance recitals and clubs are situated there. Food is also reasonably priced in Vancouver and with a wide variety of international and local cuisine, you always get what you have paid for.

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Costa Rica is also a great place to visit where travelling is cheap. Costa Rica and other countries in Central America offer great deals on accommodations and travel. And this is why many Americans choose to take a permanent vacation here and retire. Just like Honduras, Costa Rica also offers great beaches where tourists can unwind and relax all day. A good thing about travelling to Costa Rica is the fact that the country is fairly small that you can go around it in a couple of weeks. The country has a very effective bus scheme that will take you to places but won’t take much of your budget.

Accommodations in Costa Rica are cheap and you can easily get a decent room from a reputable hotel at 15 dollars a night. Students who are travelling often choose hostels and pay 7 dollars average a night. You can go and visit the rainforests and swim in the beach for free too. Costa Rica’s culture is also very rich and fiestas are known throughout the country. Food is exceptionally cheap and very tasty.

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If you love the arts, history and architecture, then a good place to travel cheap is Dubrovnik in Croatia. Dubrovnik is a part of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Heritage List. This means that there are a lot of wonderful stories about the places in the area. Accommodations are cheap and a decent room would charge around 11 dollars a night. Most of the sites in the area are historic buildings that have been bombed in the early 1900s. But these have been carefully restored and preserved for the people to see and enjoy. Walking around the place will give you the feel of an old world charm.

Croatia also offers wonderful beaches to relax and you can do water sports for a change. If you want to spend a little more extra, you can go scuba diving and watch ship wrecks around the seas of Croatia. When it comes to food, Croatia offers great fresh delights that will surely captivate your senses. Food is also affordable since most of the ingredients are grown locally. The best time to visit Dubrovnik is from July to August where they celebrate the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

When choosing cheap places to visit for vacation abroad, it is important to check whether or not the place will match the kind of vacation that you wish to have. You don’t want to go somewhere snowing when you want a warmer weather. Always take care of your belongings and don’t forget to haggle when shopping.

Honduras – A Cheap Country To Retire Around The World

Those who would like to find a cheap country to retire to should definitely check out Honduras. Not only is it only a two hour flight from the US, so that visiting friends and relatives will be easy, but it is also a lot less expensive to live there.

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One good thing about Honduras as a cheap place to retire to is the fact that they allow foreigners to buy property. This means you can buy yourself a nice home and not have to rent like you would in some of the other inexpensive places where you could retire. Once you have your home, you will be able to afford to have a maid so that you don’t have to deal with the cooking and cleaning, as it doesn’t cost much to hire someone for this.

Honduras also has laws that help to protect the environment, so that there won’t be any large developments or high rises that will destroy the view, and the rain forest will be there for everyone to enjoy. It has the warm weather that many retirees prefer also.

As we age, we tend to have more medical problems, so most retirees would like to live somewhere that has good health care. Honduras has a number of high quality hospitals that are staffed with doctors that were mostly trained in the US, so you don’t have to worry about not getting good health care in this country.

The infrastructure is also pretty good. They have a stretch of the Pan-American Highway. You can also get good phone service, with the option of land lines, cell phones, VOIP, and satellite phones. They even have satellite, DSL, and dial-up internet connections so you can easily keep in touch with your friends and family and with what is going on in the world. The banking system is also stable, and many banks have connections to banks in the U.S. so it is easy to get wire transfers should you need to.

There are all sorts of opportunities for things to do in Honduras, so you don’t have to worry about being bored during if you choose this cheap country to retire to. There are all sorts of outdoor activities you can participate in to stay active, as well as many cultural opportunities.