Why Is India A Cheap Country To Retire To?

These days people are finding that their retirement dollars do not necessarily go very far in the United States, so they are looking for a cheap country to retire to where they will be able to get more for their money. One option for a cheap country to retire to is India.

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One of the drawbacks to retiring in India is the fact that they don’t have dual citizenship or a visa that can be used to retire full time to the country. You would only be able to stay six months at a time. This is great for people who want to spend part of the year in the US, and the rest of the time in a cheap country to retire to though. Non resident Indians can apply for Overseas Citizenship of India so that they can retire to India permanently, however.

However, overall India is a cheap place and country to retire to. Once you get to India the cost of living is very low. There is also good medical care that isn’t expensive, as evidenced by the number of people who go to India for medical tourism. There are good communication and housing facilities as well, especially if you decide to retire in one of the major cities.

You will have better access to services in these cities, although you will also have to deal with larger populations, which means more crowding and traffic. In general, the weather is nice and warm in India, and there are lots of places you can retire to that are near beaches if this is a requirement for you. There are even retirement homes being opened in India these days, though they are not very common yet.

Most people in India have no problems with foreigners, but it is best if you make an effort to understand the culture (and a bit of the language as well) and to fit in. If you are going to spend a lot of time here it is worth the effort. There are a lot of foreign expats so you will be able to find places that cater to those from the US, and people from your own country to socialize with from time to time. Many people also understand and speak English, especially in the larger cities.

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